Difference Makers

This page is dedicated to the people making a positive difference in the life of others by offering them encouragement, strength, support, or even just a smile.

Random Acts of Kindness on Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s day this year, my wife suggested I take my son out for breakfast.  She has heard that George Webb was giving away free breakfasts to Dad’s in honor of Father’s day.  I decided that was a good idea so my son and I got in the car and started driving.  My son, like most children, has an inate sense of curiosity.  We didn’t drive very far before I heard the question, “Dad, where are we going?”  So, I told  him, George Webb.

We arrived at George Webb a short time later and were seated in a booth.  The waitress came and explained the choices I had for my free breakfast.  I ordered the two eggs with toast and Orange Juice.  My son and I had been frequent visitors in the past and I remember the delicious taste of the toast with just the right amount of jelly on it.  My son ordered a single scrambled egg and a large milk.  Sometimes children have small appetites and other times they can eat an amazing amount of food. 

A short time later, the food and beverages arrived and we had our breakfast.  The eggs, orange juice, and toast with jelly tasted delicious.  My son enjoyed his egg and milk.  We were done with our meal and I was waiting for the check so I could pay for the drinks and my son’s meal.  The waitress came and asked if we needed anything else.  I told her no, that we were done, and were ready for the bill.  That’s when she looked at me and told me someone else had already paid for our meal.  Being quite surprised at this turn in events, I was of course thankful.  I would have liked to have known who was kind enough to pay for our meal, but I never did find out.  All I could to was be happy and appreciative that I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness on Father’s day and hopefully the person who gave us the meal knows that they were a difference maker in my life.

Recycling the smile of a child 

As I was preparing to go outside to pull some weeds, the doorbell rang.  It was midmorning and I was not expecting anyone so the loud noise startled me.  As I walked to the side door, I had a strange feeling that this was not going to be a positive experience.
I opened the door, took a step out on the porch and looked toward the sidewalk.  I was surprised to see about two dozen small children and three adults.  The entire group stopped walking and looked at me.  I heard one of the leaders say to the group of children, “Okay, on the count of three.”  Then she counted, “1, 2, 3!”  All the children then yelled “Happy May Day!”
The children and the leaders began to walk to the next house.  I had a big smile on my face because I could tell the children were very happy and because the smile of a child is very contagious.
While they were walking, I noticed the children were carrying something small in their hands.  One of the adults let me know they had left me a present.  She also must have seen the smile on my face because she commented to the group about it.  Although I didn’t hear her exact words, it probably had something to do with making me happy.
I was curious and anxious to see what present they had left for my family.  I went to the front porch, and this is what I saw:
A child named Joey made a May-day basket out of an orange plastic container.  It had a green construction paper handle and a pink flower on one side and a blue one on the other.  Inside the basket were some additional surprises.  On a small blue piece of paper was this poem:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We love the Earth,
Happy May Day to You!”
From your kindergarten friends at Lowell Elementary School. 
There was also a larger piece of pink paper with the message:
Recycle – Keep Our World In Balance
Reaching Out to the Community
You can even recycle this container!
Happy May Day!
Much to my delight, it was a refreshing and inspiring experience to see the love and joy on the faces of these  young people as they made a difference in the lives of others, in their community and in the world by sharing their positive message of recycling and saving the environment.



  1. Jim,
    Having read through your quotes, humorous stories, perspective, I think YOU make a difference. You told me via Twitter that you were an inspirational writer and you’re not kidding. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Would you be open to the idea of guest blogging on my blog? You could even post the baby crib story if you’d like. Or write another that has to do with finding meaning/purpose in your work. I was very inspired by that and know my readers would be as well. Thank you for sharing and making a difference!

    • Hello Maggie,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you found my writing to be inspirational. I try hard to look at the challenges and twists and turns that come into my life with a different perspective from most. There are events, experiences, and people who have entered into my life who have had a dramatic impact on how I view the world. One lesson I learned is that time gives us perspective and an event that may be very traumatizing at one point in our life can become a true blessing in many ways as our life continues.

      As for guest blogging on your blog, I would be delighted to share a story with your readers. I need a little time to try to come up with another story to share. Otherwise, I will let you share the baby crib story.

      Thank you again for reading my stories and for your kind comments.


  2. Words so true Jim! Take your time. No rush on guest blogging. The invitation is ready when you are!

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