Humorous Stories

Children have an innate ability to create smiles, laughter, and share love in ways that adults can only imagine.  If you feel down about your life’s direction, I encourage you to spend some time with a child.  Children possess a different view of how the world works and a unique perspective of what is important in life.  The purpose of this page is to share the stories about events and experiences which have brought a smile to my face or laughter to my life.

The Mean Samaritan

 One day last week, I picked up my son from high school.  As he climbed in our vehicle he told me he helped someone today.  I told him that was nice, and asked him to explain.  My son told me there was a student at school who was very sick.  The student was too sick to make it to the nurse’s office.  Even though there were many other students around, no one was willing to stop and help the student.  I asked my son what he did.  He said I went to the health room and told the nurse there was a sick student who needed her help.

My son also told me a friend of his was trying to get his driver’s license.  My son told me he hoped that his friend did not pass his driving test because my son thought his friend did not have the skill to drive yet.  I said  that wasn’t very nice.

Without hesitation, my son said, that’s because I’m a Mean Samaritan!


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